Trust Us: You'll Want Caroline de Maigret, Lancome's Newest Model, to be Your Parisian Lover

If "Parisian chic" is your eternal (and somewhat elusive) goal, look no further than Caroline de Maigret, the newest name to join Lancome's roster of models. If it seems like she came out of nowhere, you've simply yet to follow her on Instagram, where 73,000 followers enjoy her daily posts about French elegance. The "shameless self-promotion diary" covers de Maigret's fabulous life, from parties to Chanel jackets to her sexy rocker boyfriend Yarol Popaurd. "Like" and weep with envy, ladies. 

Smoky and sexy. de Marigret

But de Maigret, age 39, is more than a flawless face with flawless bangs. She has blue blood (she is the granddaughter of Prince Michel Poniatowski, former Minister of the Interior and Health in France, and the daughter of Count Bertrand de Maigret), a perfectly beige studio apartment that frequently finds itself in design magazine centerfolds, and a slick business—a record label called "Bonus Tracks Records" that she started with Popaurd. Oh, and she is about to publish a book on how to be a Parisian. Sold!  

Of course, she's a model, too—but we'd say her main job these days is to epitomize all things Parisian and make white T-shirts look unbelievably hot.  

On top of all that, de Maigret manages to look tired and (gasp!) human at times. She admitted to smoking and often skipping breakfast, as well as drinking "three out of seven days" a week. She hates exercise and adores Elvis Presley. She's far from your average "wholesome" model, and someone in Lancome must have thought her dark under-eye circles (from all that partying, no doubt) would be relatable to tired women everywhere.

As long as beauty companies give us real (albeit too chic to handle) women of mature ages and with perfectly imperfect looks, we say: c'est magnifique




Image: Facebook

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