Watch: Here’s How to Do Disneyland Like a Badass

It’s hard to navigate the proper level of enthusiasm for Disneyland as a young adult. Should you scoff at the cheesy idyllic characters and wanton consumerism of these theme parks? Should you exude a veneer of utter confidence to make your trip to Disney seem ironically cool to your peers? Or maybe you feel far enough removed from teenager-dom to just not give a damn, and enthusiastically ride Splash Mountain to your heart’s content?

Well this guy took a novel approach to retaining his cool while enjoying some Disney magic: the death stare. No matter how surprising, fast or delightful his ride experiences may have been, he hid it all under an icy glare set to “Ridin’” by Chamillionaire.

And oh how those Disney security guards no doubt wanted to catch him ridin’ dirty. No way—he’s way too savvy for that. Ain’t no one gonna cut his day of stone-cold frivolity short.

Image: Wikimedia Commons


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