Weird Sex Problem of the Day: Vaginal Dryness

As we know, all women are perfect specimens. But that doesn't mean things with the body don't sometimes go a little awry. Today in weird sex problems, we're tackling a common issue with multiple causes: vaginal dryness.

How is it Caused?

Vaginal dryness can result from natural bodily issues or external influences. So basically, good luck preventing it (sorry).

Body Issues

Newsflash! Changes in hormones are the worst. These alterations in our chemistry may reduce our estrogen levels, subsequently making our bodies conservative in the dispersion of vaginal lubrication. Menopause, breastfeeding and post-childbirth effects can all cause this wretched imbalance. 

There's also an autoimmune disease called Sjö​rgen's Syndrome that assaults moisture producers. If you had down-there dryness because of this, though, there'd be other tell-tale signs: namely, you'd also be lacking in tears and saliva. 

If your dryness is intolerable when having sex, do a bit of soul searching. Anxiety can contribute to this issue, but sometimes you're just not aroused enough. Is it your partner? Rushed foreplay? Too much foreplay? Maybe it's just you and your head. Find out.

External Problems

Lots of things can irritate our precious poons. Let's start with the biggest enemy: douching. Unless prescribed by a doctor, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT douche. Not guilty of that sin, yet still in agony down south? Look at the ingredients in your soaps and detergents. You may have an allergy.Tampons and lubricants could also be the culprit. It may take awhile to narrow down the suspects, but it will be worth it. 

Certain medications can dry our your downstairs too. This is one of those occasions where it's best to talk to your doctor about alternatives.

What to Do?

If the problem is related to hormones, give your gyno a ring. There are estrogen creams and tablets to help ease your discomfort. 

Allergic to something? Easy. Stop using it! And, of course, stop douching yesterday. Your vag wasn't meant to smell like strawberries, no matter what ads tell you. 

When it comes to an emotional hurdle, that's something you'll have to tackle on your own. The problem may be as simple as using a cool new lube, or teaching your sweetie to touch your clit properly

When all else fails, make a trip to see your doctor. Don't live in misery! 

Image: the opposite of how your vag should feel. Courtesy of, ThinkStock


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