Watch: Celebrating When Harry Met Sally's 25th Birthday With a Certain Restaurant Scene

Happy 25th birthday, When Harry Met Sally! Now let's all praise the movie that pondered friendship between the sexes and launched Meg Ryan's career. 

Many critics today are recalling WHMS's not so warm welcome into the film world. Objectively, I can understand it: talented creepy Woody Allen ruled romantic comedy (don't believe me? Watch Annie Hall), and the world wasn't ready for Nora Ephron's take on love. When contemplating it today, the negative reviews seem silly, especially considering the 90's and 00's followed up with absolute atrocities in the rom com genre. You know, like What Happens in Vegas or Someone Like You. Hindsight is everything. Obviously, the critics fell asleep during, ahem, one certain scene. 

The best part in this fantastic film (arguably, of any comedy) is obvious to all fans. Yes, ladies: the restaurant scene. 

After a brief wind-up with the iconic line "You do the math" . . . there . . . she . . . goesssssss! Heavy breathing. Moans. Screaming. Awesome 80's coif flying about. It's hysterical and beautiful. Meg Ryan should have received an Academy Award. 

Best of all? The little old woman (fun fact: director Rob Reiner's real life mama) at the next table who says to the waiter, "I'll have what she's having." Therein ending one of the most perfectly executed scenes in film history. BOOM.

So cheers to the awesomeness of the female orgasm. And let's promise to laugh with—not copy—Sally.

Image: Yes! Yes! Yes! Courtesy of, YouTube

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