Watch: "Sex Prep," In Which Amy Schumer Is Sad, Awesome—And Totally Right

Kegels?? Credit: Comedy Central's YouTube channel

Kegels?? Credit: Comedy Central's YouTube channel

Amy Schumer is known for her raunchy humor and assertive delivery. So, obviously, she nailed her impression of getting ready for sexy times in her video "Sex Prep." (Get it? Nailed?)

Let's walk through the funny parts before its gets downright sad (but, of course, still kinda funny). Amy gets a DTF text from a, uhh, special friend, when she's at an early lunch. Though she plays it cool with the dude, she instantly begins to flip out (she literally flings a meatball across the restaurant). The rest of her day is spent beautifying herself—with "helpful advice" from women's magazines. Mani-pedi with gossipy salon ladies? Check! Root touch up? Done. Then, you know, the necessary asshole reshaping ("four leaf clover please") because magazine headlines told Amy that she needs it to be worthy. 

Yup. This is where is gets sad. The headlines on the magazines are totally hyperbolic—but hit way close to home. "Hair Down There? Kill Yourself," screams one. "Is Your Pussy Too Loose To Hang Onto The Perfect Guy?" ponders another. We should know that these—and their related cousins in real life—are stupid and overblown. We should be able to roll our eyes and continue on with our hairy-loose-ladybit lives. Why do these bother us so much? A brief two minute walk through a women's locker room would easily dispel any of these feminine "necessities." 

And yet, Amy hilariously illustrates how these headlines haunt us as she tries to perfect herself for her rendezvous. It's so relatable. Watching Amy stress out is painful at best, and straight up heartbreaking at worst. Because it's Amy, the video is funny through and through—yet it leaves the viewer sobbing into an empty bottle of wine questioning all of the profound pressures society leverages against its womenfolk. 

Check out the video below and see what we mean (no fundamental altering of your person required for viewing):

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