How Do I Ease Myself Into Spring Fashion Without Freezing To Death?

As cute and comfy as the flannel/sweater/multi-pant ensemble is, anything you’re forced to wear for 6 months straight under penalty of frostbite tends to lose its charm.​

Asking for fashion advice can feel daunting, even shaming—unless you're a white, cis, blonde size 2, it can often feel like an entire industry has banished you to the land of Frumpdom. Well sucks to that, we say! Fashion is for everyone—fat girls, feminist girls, girls who get cold really easily, and girls who just don't feel "girly" alike.

To help us create an inclusive platform for fashion knowledge, we've asked our resident aesthetic ace Winona Rose to answer our questions—and yours!—about how to look our best, even if the fashion industry has dealt us the worst of hands.

Dear Winona,

I am writing from the bitter north, where it's still cold enough to freeze the nose off a brass monkey (as my grandfather would say). I've been wearing the same uniform for the past six months—flannel shirts, wool cardigans, hoodies, and multiple layers of pants—and I am so flipping tired of my cold weather wardrobe. I mean, I love a plaid shirt as much as the next Canadian girl, but enough is enough. I'm ready for pastels and breathable fabrics! The problem is that the weather isn't willing to accommodate my desire for short dresses, bare legs, and adorably practical oxford shoes.

How do I ease myself into my spring wardrobe without freezing to death? What are your best tips for layering without looking like a frumpy pile of clothes?


Anne "Still Wearing Long Johns" Thériault

Dear Anne,

This winter was cold and brutal and disheartening, and I live in freakin’ Tennessee, so I can only begin to feel your pain. As cute and comfy as the flannel/sweater/multi-pant ensemble is, anything you’re forced to wear for six months straight under penalty of frostbite tends to lose its charm.

For now, bring spring into your wardrobe with color. Heavy winter clothes don’t feel so heavy when they’re bright and colorful. Swap out your winter flannels for some spring flannels, AKA the same shirts but in shades of pink,orange, and bright blue. Treat yourself to a new sweater or two in an undeniably spring color like coral or sunflower yellow. Since coats are on sale right now, you could even scout the clearance racks for a spring-y winter coat that protects you from the reality of winter weather but gives your fragile, freezing psyche a bit of a boost. A down jacket in an Easter egg-inspired hue will do the trick.

Once you enter into one-layer-of-pants weather, you can totally break out your short dresses! Just pair them with fleece-lined leggings or tights and that fabulous spring sweater you bought yourself. Experiment with layering spring favorites under, over, and between your go-to winter items. The key to not looking like a pile of clothes (or Randy from A Christmas Story) is to vary the lengths, thicknesses, and textures of your layers. To ensure your layers look purposeful and stylish, no two layers should be the same length or fabric type. Think thick black tights + nubby wool knee socks + a floaty spring dress that hits at your knee + a cable knit cardigan that hits just below your hip + down jacket that hits at your hip.

And finally, you know how Drake wears every single chain even when he’s in the house, just as a reminder to himself that he’s really made it? There’s no shame in cranking up the heat at home, putting on a pair of cutoffs and a tanktop, and sipping a cold cocktail to remind yourself that warm weather really is coming.

Won’t be long until you’re rocking your beloved bare legs and short dresses, saying, “Started in the winter now it’s spring.”

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