A Love Letter to Best Friends Everywhere, You Are The Best Valentines

Dear BFFLs:

In case you didn’t know, you are our forever Valentines. You are our numba one, the Head Bitches In Charge of our heart. We know all the weird obscure intimate details of each other's lives that only a BFF would care to know. Best friends bring out the best versions of who we are.

Love comes in many forms, and on this full mooned Feb. 14th remember that a BFF is just as good, if not better, than a BF on this day of devotion. A best friend will know exactly which hilarious Valentine meme will induce the most laughter and knows how much it means that you chose each other to spend the rest of your BFF-filled life with. It's not like every day is rosey and bright--none of us are always the easiest of compadres to get along with but a BFFL always knows just what to say to make the other half smile. You are all warrior princesses in our modern day wastelands and concrete jungles, and also the queens of our hearts. Happy Valentine’s Day, babes. 

Image: commons.wikimedia

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