Bus Stop Style — 5 Tips For Looking Cute While Picking Up The Kids

Mornings during the week are super-hectic, we all experience that. Add kids to the mix and mornings get out of control. The day always starts with the song and dance to pull them out of bed, get their lunch packed, dressed, and out the door. My son wears a uniform to school, so his fashion requires no real effort, but me on the other hand, well what do I wear?

The problem is this: after getting my son up and moving, there are typically two seconds left over for me to change from my pajamas to something presentable for our 7 a.m. bus stop walk. Fashion is totally my “thing,” but I don’t get dressed in my “going out of the house” clothes until I get home and showered. What to wear during the interim? I’m sure that you all can relate to this, so here are five ways to step up your bus stop style so that your fellow parents can stop wondering if you ever do laundry. 

1. Step up your legging game. 

Leggings are just about the easiest thing to throw on in the morning, and are just as comfortable as your pajama bottoms. Instead of adding more black leggings to your already-overflowing pile, grab some new ones that are printed, patched with faux leather, or even suede. I promise you can find these for under $15 all over the Internet or your nearest Macy’s (hint: check out the juniors department!) and have them handy to grab during busy mornings. Instead of always wearing solid leggings and a patterned top, switch it up and you will be happy with the variety!

2. Grab a vest for layering.

Vest are my new favorite, and I’m not talking about those puffy vests from high school. There are three major vest options for you to choose from that will seriously rock your world in the morning and can transform your outfit completely: faux leather, denim, and jersey. These have become a life saver because even if you are wearing the same tee you ran to the bus stop in yesterday, a vest will draw all the attention. The jersey vest especially, because they are fun, oversized, and oh-so-comfortable! 

3. Flats are where it’s at!

Who is wearing heels or even wedge booties to the bus stop in the morning? Not I! And not to mention that a heel is typically way too dressy for anything I plan to wear to the bus stop. Hit up your local Target with $50 to spend and you will return home with 2-3 pairs of simple flats that you can mix and match for comfort in the morning and a little pop of color. 

4. Stock up on basics. 

This year, while I was out back to school shopping with my son, I snuck into H&M and grabbed a few simple basic tees ranging from oversized to henley – and everything in between. No worry about trying to match in the morning, as these tees will look just fine with any bottom that I happen to pull on. Score!

5. Opt for something shiny. 

Remember to grab one last item as you are rounding up your troops and running out the door: something shiny. Whether it is a bangle that is within reach, your favorite watch – whatever. Just throw it on your wrist, in your ears, or around your neck and let it complete your cool mom style for total bus stop style domination. 

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