10 Easy Ways To Ease The Stress Of The Holidays

Easing stress.

Easing stress.

6. Say yes to sex. 

Let’s face it — as much as the holidays are merry and bright, they can be stressful, too. We have so much planning to do (even more if if you have kids), traveling to arrange, cleaning — and on top of all that there is the financial stress. But you don’t need me to sit here and rattle off all the emotions you are already going through. Me? I stress about it all, just like you. But over the years I have learned a few little tidbits that help ease the stress (even if it’s just a teeny bit!). 

1.Make a list. Check it twice. 

Just like the man in the big red suit, get those lists down in ink! There is something so stress relieving about getting your to-do list, grocery list, gift list — whatever — jotted down and out of your head. Once it is tangible and in front of you, you will then be able to approach it in a much more stress-free way. I keep lists for everything, and around the holidays especially, I keep a master list that then gets broken down into sub-lists. It will help, promise!

2. Light some candles. 

Scent does wonderful things for your mood, so keep it coming during these months when the stress seems to be never-ending. In fact, buy candles or your favorite oil diffusers in bulk for emergency situations. There are essential oils made for stress. Try lavender and chamomile!

3. Keep up with your fitness routine. 

It seems that when the schedules get busy, the first thing to go is the workout. Don’t let that happen to you this year! Make sure to pencil some yoga, a run, or even just a walk around the block wherever you can fit it. 

4. Get some vitamin D. 

The sun’s rays shining on your face does wonders for your mood and letting stress wash away. Even if the ground is covered in snow, there are still vitamin D rays there to be soaked into your skin — so get outside and take a walk or play in the backyard with your kiddos. Your blood pressure will thank you. 

5. Cook ahead. 

During this time of year especially, let your Crock-Pot become your new BFF. Plan meals ahead so that you aren’t stressing about dinner and left listening to everyone around you whining about how hungry they are.  

6. Say yes to sex. 

Sex is a HUGE stress reliever and will bond you with your partner during a time when you need stand united most. 

7. Blast your favorite tunes!

Whether you are alone or with friends and family — blast those tunes and sing aloud for all to hear! Singing releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy.

8. Only schedule what you really have time for. 

Yes, we want to be able to see everyone and go to every holiday party. But is that really feasible? Probably not. Don’t stress about making it everywhere, only put into your calendar what you actually have time to do. 

9. Do one thing each day. 

I grew up with my mom telling me this in regards to cleaning, but I try to apply it everywhere. Do one thing each day that will help alleviate tasks on that master to-do list. It will help you knock everything off much quicker.

10. Tune out the noise. 

Lastly, there is so much “holiday noise” around us at all times that we are often left looking for the volume switch. There will always be people or situations that are going to cause you extra stress during the holidays, so just cut it out of your life. 

What do you do to rid yourself of holiday stress?

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