Hitachi Magic Wand: A Sonnet (Or Two)

How do I love thee...

How do I love thee...

Hitachi! I stash thee in my drawer

Blessedly, thou the rechargeable kind

Procured at Curvy, beloved store

My affection for thee, us ever bind


Scarcely believe we met so late —

Though the Rabbit doth suffice

Twas you, Hitachi, who was my fate

I know you to be worth the price


Ostensibly used for muscle fatigue

We know that thou art so much more

The Bullet art thine entourage

Now lost, forgotten, ever more


Forever I will sing thy praise

For thou dost all who use amaze


Vibrations that create such pleasure

One must be cautious using thee

Thy clitoris is thine precious treasure

Most frightful, clitoral blood to see


Employment of lubricant a must

Or else, to use through underwear

One might find need to writhe or thrust

Be cautious thou doth pull no hair


Though thou shant replace my man

For he, evolved and dexterous be

I would you know you often can

With this no one can disagree


Most versatile vibrator I will thee call

For thou art the sex toy to rule them all

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