#RIPVine: Tribute To A Millennial Love Language

There’s something to be said about the linguistics of best friendship.

You know what I’m talking about: bizarre in-jokes, references to books or TV shows you both love, a made up word or two. Most dynamic duos sport at least a few quirky speech patterns, while some seem to have an entire language sorted out. 

My best friend and I definitely fall into the latter category, with vines making up a significant portion of how we communicate with each other. Our sentences are peppered with quotes from our favorite loops, and it’s not uncommon for one of us to send a midnight text with nothing other than the vine featuring our favorite Home Shopping Network blooper. Which makes it all the more devastating that Vine’s days are coming to an end

For most snake people, vines are a cherished love language. The six second loops deliver a hypnotic immediacy that simply can’t be found anywhere else on the Internet. Even more importantly, Vine was a creative hub for people of color. Black and brown creators produced much of the network’s most beloved content, and it’s sad to see a venue dominated by underrepresented talent be shuttered so prematurely. 

 Thankfully, existing vines will still be available through Vine’s website even after the service has shuttered for good. While it’s sad that there won’t be any new six second masterpieces to enjoy, these classics are sure to have a long internet shelf life. #RIPVine — why must the good die so young?

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