At Least It’s National Cat Day

Can National Cat Day just be every day?

Can National Cat Day just be every day?

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s an election going on. In just a few days, our nation will choose its new Commander-In-Chief, and boy is this one a doozy. Have you heard about the emails yet? And the pussies being grabbed? Good, we’re all on the same page then. 

Now to talk about a different sort of pussy. The kind that woke me up at 7:30 this morning by knocking over her water dish and then tapping my face repeatedly with her wet paws. That would be Minerva, and today is for her and her kind. It's National Cat Day! Hooray!

She just got spayed. She is not happy about the cone situation, hence the water bowl sabotage (and the scowl).

CATS. God bless those fluffy little hiss donuts. They have yet again come to our rescue when we least deserve them. May this #Caturday of epic proportions provide us with a brief respite from the Actual Shitshow that is the 2016 election.

Here are some of our favorite internet cats. You're welcome.

If you aren't already following Kitten Lady on Instagram (and her Facebook page... and her YouTube channel), you need to remedy that problem immediately. This is Tidbit, one of the Kitten Lady's most recent rescues. He's been with her since he was a teeny tiny newborn babe! 

Buzzfeed has some stellar cat content, but this video in particular is one of my favorites. It's like watching a bunch of Ron Swansons being ambushed by adorable baby kittens. It's a hug in a YouTube video, basically.

"Sail cat" ranks higher than "Sail AWOLNATION" for a reason. This video is a gift from the Universe. 

And here are some of our favorite real life cats! Because who doesn't love forcing pictures of their pets onto unassuming strangers?

This is Kenny. She is a loaf. She is also, yes, a "she." Loafs don't ascribe to your tired gender norms. They're too busy being perfect.

This is also Kenny, but as a teensy baby. Also featuring Joni's husband, posing for some casual dudeoir.  

This is Minerva sans-Cone of Shame and much more content. Check out that ear fluff. Magestic.

And this is Sheldon, who recently crossed over to the big bathroom sink in the sky. RIP, big guy. You'll always be in the yarn basket of our hearts.

What furry, bean-toed babies are you celebrating National Cat Day with this year? Tag us on Instagram! 

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