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#FurballFriday: What The World Needs Is More Baby Giraffes

So far, April is mainly just walking around and not giving birth, which is probably annoying to poor April. There’s nothing quite like the end of pregnancy, when you just want to be done with it and get to the part where you have a baby. Maybe it’s different for giraffes, but that’s sure how I felt when I was pregnant.

Anderson Cooper is here for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth — and I am here for Anderson Cooper.

Anderson Cooper Secures His Place In Our Hearts With This Epic Trump Takedown

Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them wear tight black t-shirts.


May Your 2017 Be As Bada** As This Canadian Guy Protecting His Dogs From A Cougar

“And I saw something wrapped around her, so I ran up and punched it in the side of the head,” Gibbs told the CBC. “At that point, I realized it was a cougar.”

Original Image: Aeon Flux/Paramount Pictures

These Women Defeated An Armed Robber By Pelting Him With Dildos

They unmanned a man using manhood. They dicked the dick.


Best Idea Ever: Catnip Wine For Your Feline Friends!

For those who imbibe, a glass of wine can be a lovely way to relax at the end of the day. Just stretch out with your cat, have a few sips of vino and let your cares roll off you.

Image Credit: Stacey Axelrod/ASPCA

Meet Kiah, The First Pit Bull Ever On New York's K9 Police Force

When I need a moment to feel better about everything around me, I type “dogs” into the search field of my news app and wait for the magic to happen. Dogs always come through, and today is no different.

Hayao Miyazaki returns! Image via GoBoiano

Hayao Miyazaki Is Coming Out Of Retirement To Make A New Movie (!!!)

The story is apparently one he has been working on for over 20 years.


Why You Should Go Ahead And Give Your Dog Table Scraps

Your dog was destined to be your best friend. It’s SCIENCE.