Best Idea Ever: Catnip Wine For Your Feline Friends!

It's no secret that we here at Ravishly love cats and wine. We also love dogs and cookies. And cheese. Mmmmmm…. cheese. But today we’re going to focus our love of cats and wine.

For those who imbibe, a glass of wine can be a lovely way to relax at the end of the day. Just stretch out with your cat, have a few sips of vino and let your cares roll off you. But does it ever feel a little… I don’t know… selfish to not share that fermented grapey goodness with your feline friend?

Well, kitty-cats of the world are in luck! They no longer have to resent their owners for hoarding all the wine now that there’s a cat wine product for them! A company called Apollo Peak sells cat wine. With amazing names like MosCATo and CATbernet, the all-natural beverages are non-alcoholic (ingredients include water and beet juice) but laced with catnip. Just the thing for the high-class cat!

I have to be honest. I can’t have cats because my son is allergic to them, but this product makes me want a cat just so I can start an Instagram account for pictures of me and said cat drinking together. Since I can’t do this, I really want one of you to do it. THE WORLD NEEDS THIS!

Apollo Peak also makes dog wine called MalBark (Bahahahahaha!). It has peppermint extract to freshen dogs’ breath, but there’s no dog equivalent of catnip — so this is kind of more like the sparkling cider of pet beverages. Alas, poor dogs.

The 12 ounce bottles of the pet wines sell for $12.95. You can order online, just in time for holiday giving!

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