10 Ways To Energize Your Body In 10 Minutes Or Less

Energy boosts, one 10-minute burst at a time.

Energy boosts, one 10-minute burst at a time.

I've had a hard time maintaining energy lately. I think it's probably because I'm growing a miniature human using nothing but my own body, but I could be wrong.

We are also at the tail end of the dark and damp winter season in the Pacific Northwest and everyone is aching for spring. While much of the U.S. has been submerged in bizarre heat waves (I'm looking at you, East Coast), or freak snow storms (Hey there, Hawaii!), we've had the coldest weather on record in decades. So, we venture outside only when we have to because our blood has thinned appropriately to a moderate climate and hipster constitutions.

Ergo, I'm on the lookout for ways to take care of my body that bring a zap of energy but don't require expending more energy than I will receive in return. I like high returns on my energy investments. Because pregnant.

Here are my favorite ways to infuse my body with energy that actually aren't hard and take almost no effort. You don't have to be pregnant to use these ideas, so don't worry. Although, you might make a baby in the process.

1. B Vitamins. 

I have been sensitive to certain B vitamins in the past. As it turns out, I have a weird gene mutation that makes my body unable to process synthetic B vitamins. Who knew? I keep a food-based B-12 spray in my car and in my kitchen for the times I feel sluggish and foggy. I spray once under my tongue and reap the energy benefits almost immediately.

2. A Quickie. 

What's more energizing than an orgasm in the middle of the day? Heck, at any time of day. You don't even need a partner for this activity.

3. Ginger Everything. 

Ginger is kind of my favorite thing right now. Hot teas, kombucha, candies, etc. A strong cuppa with a drizzle of raw honey will boost your digestion and mental clarity. If you don't have tea handy, try a piece of spicy crystallized ginger. You will feel instantly more awake.

4. Yoga.

Do this video. Do it now. It takes 10 minutes and you will feel like a warrior for the rest of the day. 

5. Nadi Breathing.

This is an ancient ayurveda breathing technique. It heats the body by increasing circulation. This isn't safe for folks with high blood pressure, or anyone who is pregnant or trying to become pregnant. But for everyone else, this is the magic of oxygen

6. Matcha Latte. 

Green tea is a gentle boost, but when it's delivered in a dissolvable fine powder, it gives you an extra punch. It doesn't have the coffee crash and matcha is a powerful antioxidant. When you froth it up in a creamy latte, it delivers an energized and calming focus. And bonus, Trader Joe's sells it in an instant form that you can keep in your desk.

7. Dance Party.

Turn on your favorite NKOTB throwback, some EDM, or a little Pharrell. Shake your booty, move your body. Then get back to whatever you were doing with some pep in your step and clear direction.

8. Spicy Chocolate.  

There are few times in this world when chocolate does not make absolute sense. Pick up a dark chocolate bar with some spicy chili added and wake up your palette and your mind.

9. Chug Water.

I hate to tell you this, but you are probably dehydrated. If you've had mostly coffee and are sitting in a climate-controlled environment and not outside during a deluge with your mouth wide open, your body needs water. You might not like water. Okay. Drink it anyway.

10. Power Walk. 

I'm bringing it back 90's style. Get up, and scoot your booty around the block. Or around the office building. Or around a track, or through the park. Set a timer, put in your ear buds, and move like you're in a walk-a-thon with your unexpectedly agile grandmother.

These aren't magic cures for whatever is ailing you, but I can almost promise these things will help lift you out of your low-energy space and bring a little light and levity to your day. 

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