9 Feel-Good Hurricane Harvey Videos Amidst All The Awful

Screenshot taken from YouTube

Screenshot taken from YouTube

I can barely be on the internet right now without seeing something about Harvey (as it should be). But man, I have cried my eyes out, both for good and for awful. 

When tragedy strikes, you can always count on people to be there for other people (and animals). That's what is great about most people. Underneath the bullshit, they care. 

With that in mind, here is a round-up of some of the good (because wow, there is so much awful):

I NEED to know if they adopted these cats. I NEED the answer to be, "Yes, of course they did." 

Can you imagine herding cows in a hurricane?! 

THIS HAWK. He was just looking for a place to hide. 

Otis carrying his own bag of food. 

These folks, who have seen the likes of Harvey wreck their own state:

Even the FISH need rescuing.

This guy just wanted a nap. GEEZ.

Ok this is SO sad. But I'm going to give this woman mad props for knitting in the middle of rising flood water.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some knit their capes instead.

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