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Ask Erin: Should I Move In With My Best Friend And Her Husband?

My best friend is married and her and her husband are moving into a new house. Now here’s the thing: My best friend wants me to move in with them, Read...
Erin Khar    |   01.21.16   |   SHARE
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Ask Erin!: What Do I Do About My Boyfriend Ignoring Me?

My boyfriend is ignoring me. I am 32 and he is 34. We have been together for six months. We are both pretty busy with work etc, but I always make him Read...
Erin Khar    |   01.14.16   |   SHARE
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Oh no she didn't!

Ask Erin!: Should I Confront My Friend For Sending A Love Letter To My Husband?

Last week, my husband received a Facebook message from a good mutual friend of ours. We are also good friends with her husband. It was basically one Read...
Erin Khar    |   01.7.16   |   SHARE
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Ask Erin!: When Do I Tell My Husband I Know He’s Cheating?

On Sunday, my husband was in the shower. He left his phone on our bed, which he never does. It lit up with a text from “S.” That’s the name that Read...
Erin Khar    |   12.21.15   |   SHARE
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New couple alert! Should he trim my tree?

Ask Erin!: What Are The Holiday Rules When Your Relationship Is New?

I have been dating my new boyfriend (it is so weird to write that!) for a little over a month. We just, as in this week, made it “exclusive.” I have Read...
Erin Khar    |   12.17.15   |   SHARE
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Ask Erin!: How Do I Deal With Feeling Isolated As A Single Parent?

I need help dealing with isolation as a single parent. This is my first Christmas, since splitting from my ex-husband. He left when my son was 7 Read...
Erin Khar    |   12.10.15   |   SHARE
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We've all had a clinger or two.

Ask Erin!: Do I Keep Seeing Someone I’m Not Sure About?

I met a girl on Tinder. Our first date went pretty well. We hit it off. We’ve had 2 more dates since, including spending a day in the park and Read...
Erin Khar of RarelyWrongErin    |   12.3.15   |   SHARE
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Ask Erin!: Is He Just Not That Into Me?

Also, in my experience, a little cold never stopped me (or anyone I was dating who was interested in me) from going out with someone I liked. Maybe Read...
Erin Khar of RarelyWrongErin    |   11.24.15   |   SHARE
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