Africa Jackson

Africa Jackson


Africa Jackson is a politics and culture writer from the Bible Belt. She works as a part time editor for Taji Magazine and Resist Media. You can also find her work at The Tempest, The Establishment, and Black Girl Dangerous. Africa spends her free time whistling at construction workers and calling white people the "C" word (it's ok, her best friend is white). Follow her on Twitter, IG, + FB: @AfricaJwrites.

Africa Jackson Articles

"The only realistic way for me to deal with the contradiction between thick thighs that suggest mental wellness and the perpetual self doubt that offers an attenuate implosion is to welcome the contradiction with open arms."

"Black Women Don't Get Depressed."

I wanted to look as white and non-threatening as possible because the invisibility of my disability in conjunction with the vulnerability of being a Black woman was absolutely unbearable.

Screenshot from "Don't Touch My Hair" music video by Solange

An Ode To Solange In Honor Of Her Revolutionary Guggenheim Performance

This year, in collaboration with the Red Bull Music Academy, Solange re-invented the Guggenheim Museum and blessed us with “An Ode To.”

"My anger was there when my father wasn’t. My anger has been reliable. Sometimes it feels like my anger taught me all the things my father should have."

Learning About My Father's Personality Disorder Helped Me Forgive Him

I have to accept the fact that Black men are not allowed to deal with their mental health issues — specifically personality and schizoaffective disorders. The man I considered a deadbeat dad for most of my life is a victim too.