Charl Landsberg


Charl Landsberg is a nonbinary transgender South African poet, artist, musician, and activist. Their work focuses mainly on social issues including queer rights, feminism, and anti-racism, as well as intersectional issues. They have their masters in Biblical Studies focusing on HIV and African feminism and womanism. Their art ranges in medium from oil paints to digital prints to photography and has featured in two South African galleries. They remain a loyal contributer to the Poetry Potion Quarterly as well as the Poetry Potion website.

Charl Landsberg Articles

Non-discrimination is key (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

Gay Promiscuity, HIV, and Stigma; What Is Really Happening? 

When cishet people deal with sex and HIV, it remains a private affair. When queer people deal with sex and HIV, it can mean death. And not because we’re queer, but because of social and political stigma, because doctors refuse to help us, politicians don’t want to get involved, and conservative religious leaders continue to fuel the stigma behind sex and HIV. This is a classic case of poisoning the well.