Farah Beaini

Farah Beaini


Farah Beaini is… a middle childa spoken word poeta freelance writera truth crusadera seeker of vulnerability an embracer of Freedom toArticulateInsecurities andLearn toUnderstand &RespectEfforts the proud custodian of Lebanese and Australian heritage, heritage that grounds her, reminding her of the value and opportunities that education and perseverance present in our unequal world.

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I don't want to be that good girl anymore. I don't want to feel ashamed or shamed by someone else's shame. Image: Farah Beaini.

I've Been Harassed Again And Again. Being A 'Good Girl' Stops Me From Calling It Out.

In my sickest moments, supposedly in the safe hands of health care professionals, I have had a chiro compare helping me undress to ‘unwrapping a gift’; a physio make sexual innuendos about the stockings I had to slip out of for treatment. Again, despite the shame, I remained polite, paying the receptionist for a transaction that left me sick to the core.