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Jo Abi


Jo Abi started her career as a radio announcer at The Edge 96.1. She worked with three amazing co-hosts and only remembers the good times. She wrote her first book during her maternity leave called How to Date a Dad and is now working on an updated version for e-book release. She has three children, the eldest of whom has severe food allergies. She is currently studying for her Masters in Creative Writing at Macquarie University because she wasn’t busy enough. Her favorite movies are Working Girl (Quote: “I have a head for business and a body for sin”) and Swimming With Sharks (Quote: “I asked for Equal and you brought me Sweet-n-Low”). When she goes out dancing she tries to dance to every song (even the Aussie rock) and is completely freaked out at the thought of her twenty year school reunion next year. Her favorite quotes are: “Haters are my motivators” — Ellen DeGeneres “Bite off more than you can chew and then chew like crazy.” — Unknown “With great power comes great responsibility.” — Stan Lee

Jo Abi Articles

I had to find a way to be the mother I wanted to be without paying such a huge price. Image: Jo Abi.

I Realized That Empathizing With Your Children Is Horrible For Your Health

I was paying a price for how I was parenting my children. Even before this study was released — confirming that more empathetic parents can suffer health issues — I knew it to be true because I felt it, I was living it, every day.

Partner phubbing has emerged as a real relationship issue. (Image: Flickr/ Spanish Virtually)

Cause For Divorce: Smartphones Aren't Ruining Your Marriage

Smartphones aren’t to blame for problems within your marriage.

There's a part of me wondering if having one more child might be a little selfish.

I Have A Special Needs Child; Should I Have A Baby? 

I’ve always wanted four children. I’m not sure why. What is really giving me pause is the fact that my second child, Giovanni, 8, is special needs. It’s difficult and expensive. We have no idea how his life is going to be and how best to help him. Add to that my “extra needs” first child Philip, 12, whose food allergies guaranteed his first few years of life were as terrifying as possible. And still I want another child.

Always cook two dinners at a time — one for that night and one for later in the week.

8 Busy Mom Hacks

I have three children (and a husband, a dog, a cat, three budgies, and three fish) as well as a job, friends, and family. If it weren’t for the busy mom hacks I’ve honed and developed over the years my family wouldn’t be washed, dressed or fed, not to mention all the work I have to busy myself with each and every minute of every day.