Jordan Daniels

Jordan Daniels


Jordan Daniels is a writer, photographer and storyteller originally from the East Bay Area but now lives in San Diego County. His unique identities - Queer, Fat, Black and Jewish - and his upbringing has led him to his work within social justice, advocacy, feminism, queer rights, intersectionality, body positivity and fat acceptance.  He obtained his BA in Journalism and Public Relations from California State University, Long Beach, and often credits his time in Long Beach as a personal renaissance of his work, beliefs and passions. He currently works at a Philanthropy Non-Profit organization that he loves incredibly because of the work it does.  Jordan's work has been featured in publications such as Wear Your Voice Magazine, Plus Model Magazine, Chubstr and Los Angeles Magazine. You can find him on Instagram being an occasional model and trying to live his authentic "best" life, dropping rants on his stories or making his way through every coffee shop he can find. You can see more of his work and photos on his website

Jordan Daniels Articles

The hypersexualization of bigger bodies rested on this term because it had no implications of health, or "ugliness," as fat does.

I'm Not "Thicc" — I'm Fat

I learned that the term “thicc” was fatphobic early in its rise. The hypersexualization of bigger bodies rested on this term.