Lauren Jonik

Lauren Jonik


Lauren Jonik is a writer and photographer in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has appeared in 12th Street, The Manifest-Station, Two Cities Review, Amendo, The Establishment, Bustle, Calliope and Ravishly. When she is not co-editing, she is working towards her Master’s degree in Media Management at The New School. Follow her on Twitter: @laurenjonik.

Lauren Jonik Articles

Not quite a baby.

Why I’m Childfree — But Not By Choice

Whether or not to become a parent — or to try to become a mother — is one of the most defining decisions a woman faces. Yet, for some, it is not a decision her heart makes — it is one that her body makes for her.

It is possible to live well while chronically ill.

How To Be Sick: A Short Primer On Living Well With Chronic Illness

There is little doubt that chronic illness brings challenges above and beyond coping with symptoms. But, it is possible to live well while chronically ill.

I took for granted the effort of something so seemingly common. I had survived a serious illness. Shouldn’t everything be easy forever after?

No Straight Lines: The Path Of Living With Chronic Illness

Chronic illness and injury has taught me — is still teaching me — patience. These days are not a consolation prize for what I didn’t win, for where I didn’t or couldn’t succeed, for a better life I might have had if only…They are my life.