Sarah Torna Roberts

Sarah Torna Roberts


Sarah Torna Roberts lives and writes from her home smack-dab in the middle of California. She lives with her husband of a dozen years and their four sons who are being raised as staunch feminists and gentlemen. Sarah is a recovering pot-stirrer, and an apologetic know-it-all, writing about matters of the heart and soul, parenting, relationships, special needs, and social issues. You can connect with her further on Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram.  

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Breastfeeding may not be possible for everyone. And that's okay.

It's Totally Fine To Quit Breastfeeding And Give Your Kid The Devil's Milk (AKA Formula)

When my third son was a year old, I stopped breastfeeding. He was not pleased.

The plan was to write full-time. With all the kids in school, this is the first opportunity I will have to come close to achieving that goal. Image: Thinkstock.

All The Kids Are In School: What I Plan "To Do" With Myself

I’m not saying having children doesn’t change things. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t reevaluate our life choices as we build our families. What I AM saying is that we must stop hinting to cisgender women that once they’ve had kids, their lives are laid out for them.

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How Depression Improved My Body Image 

When I’m in the company of family, my strongly held beliefs about positive body image, my carefully honed confidence that I am more than numbers on a scale, my uncompromising rebellion against the patriarchy and its arbitrary rules for women’s sexuality, crumbles into a fine dust that blows away with one heavy sigh.