Sarit Luban

Sarit Luban


Sarit Luban is a freelance writer and zine-maker living in New England. Her main passions include illness theory, plants, and Dawson's Creek. You can join her itty bitty Twitter following here. 

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I remember the body I envisioned for myself: “Strong-looking” (not strong), “toned” (not bulky), “healthy” (trim). Image: Thinkstock.

How Trying To Take Up Less Space Landed Me In Physical Therapy

I don’t remember when I started holding in my stomach. [...] It’s hard to trace a habit so ingrained that I don’t know it exists. Until I’m lying on a table and her hand rests at my solar plexus and she tells me to let go. I can’t. I don’t know how, or not yet.

Slut-shaming is how we explain the gendered double standard of sexual respectability: It’s women taking flak for the sex we have, while men are applauded for simply “doing what men do.” Image: Thinkstock.

How STI Stigma Perpetuates Slut-Shaming

Four years ago, I could be found most mornings at the same café with the same blue notebook and a mug of hot coffee. I was trying to write the story of how I got herpes.

Frankly, I’m not interested in talking about how Justin Bieber really feels, because I don’t know — I CAN'T know. Image: Justin Bieber/Instagram

Bieber Doesn't Owe Us Anything — Especially Not His Mental Health

The public response to and media coverage of Bieber’s announcement is just run-of-the-mill celebrity gossip. Star makes major decision. Star disappoints fans. Star having some feels. Is star headed towards total collapse? We’re so used to this that we might ignore what’s really being said: that people’s experiences are up for debate, that some people’s pain is real and others’ is fake, that only some people deserve to have their boundaries respected.