Tracey Lynn Lloyd

Tracey Lynn Lloyd


Tracey Lynn Lloyd is a writer, a marketer, a feminist and a sarcastic smartypants. She lives in New York City and writes mostly about relationships, mental health and all the intersections of her identity. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, Elle and The Establishment.

Tracey Lynn Lloyd Articles

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My Bipolar Disorder In Five Dates​

Once I learned how to discuss my bipolar disorder, I stopped defining myself by my illness and started talking about my emotions as well as my struggles.

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Will My Interracial Relationship Survive Charlottesville?

I’ll still hold your hand in public even if bigots stare us down.


Live Tweeting My Breakup Landed Me In A Mental Hospital

Soon, it became clear that I was heading into full depression territory, and not necessarily just because my relationship ended. Offline, I was miserable.

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What Do Interracial Relationships Really Mean To Black Women?

Interracial relationships of all kinds are here to stay, even though there’s disapproval among races. Here's what these relationships mean to black women.