It’s National Dog Day: Celebrate With 5 Perfect Puppers

image courtesy of WeRateDogs Twiiter account

image courtesy of WeRateDogs Twiiter account

It’s National Dog Day! Let us all celebrate the wonder that is dogs! The petting, the tummy rubs, the snuggles and long walks! Dogs make us better people because they truly believe we are better people!

Anyone who has ever lived with a dog knows the joy of having your best friend greet you at the door every time you come home. Or return from getting the mail. Or walk out of the shower.


But for the bereft souls who do not have daily access to canine devotion, I’ve picked my five favorite social media outlets for dog and dog related content. Warning: all of these links will send you directly to extreme cuteness.

We Rate Dogs ( Twitter): This Twitter account is pure genius. The young man who operates the account selects photos of dogs and rates them. He also provides very important information about dog breeds and their pet-ability. This is probably the single most important dog resource on the Internet.

The Dodo (Facebook): This page does videos about all kinds of animals, but dogs are frequent stars of the show. Warning: some of the stories are absolutely heartbreaking and will make you cry or adopt way more dogs than you really should.

Cute Emergency (Twitter): If you are having a bad day, this Twitter account will make it better. It’s basically just pictures of puppies and sometimes other baby animals. You will actually feel the tension leave your body as you scroll through these photos. 

Dogs of Instagram (Instagram…obvs): This IG account takes dog pics to the next level. These are the most photogenic dogs I have ever seen. Like, if dogs became style bloggers and could make their paws manipulate filter settings, this is what the result would be.

The Dogs of Tumblr (Facebook): This Facebook page aggregates pics and videos of dogs from all over Tumblr. They’ll post a whole bunch at once and call it a Doggie Dump — but this is the good kind that doesn’t involve picking up piles of yucky things with a plastic bag wrapped around you hand.

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