Roseanne Returns To TV; Dan Assumes Title As Best TV Dad

Roseanne is coming back.

Yep, the mom every other mom said, “OMG THIS IS MY LIFE” about will be back for a limited run of eight episodes.

Which is totally enough for them to clear up the whole $108 million dollar lottery win but not win, and why the hell did they have to kill Dan?


Also, everyone already knew Jackie was gay. Why are people acting like that was a surprise?

If there are any of you who liked the finale of Roseanne, raise your ridiculous hand. Because everyone knows that shit SUCKED.

Looks like much of the gang will return: Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, and Laurie Metcalf.

I haven’t actually seen John Goodman in years, and the last thing Roseanne Barr did was cage-fight Tom Arnold on Twitter — which was pretty entertaining, to be fair.

Here’s John talking about the possible Roseanne reunion on The Talk with his TV daughter Sara Gilbert, which is just weird.

I don’t know how Sara Gilbert is going to find time between co-hosting The Talk and mis-pronouncing people’s names.

Oh, and getting some sick-ass shade from Whoopi on The View.

Also it’s going to be pretty weird seeing Sulley as a dad, well, and a human.

Roseanne was a junior high and high school staple from me, picking up right where Family Ties left off, ruling Tuesday night, and coming in second place for me — right behind Thursday night’s favorite dad on The Cosby Show.

I wanted Bill to be my dad SO much — which, as it turns out, was not a great choice. Dan would have been a much safer bet.

Thankfully for me, Dan will now be resurrected to take his rightful place on the Best Dad on TV throne. If there are ever new episodes of The Cosby Show, I hope they feature Bill in prison. 

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