Andrea And The Beauty Of Strangers Helping Strangers

“Last time I was in San Francisco — maybe six months ago — I was riding BART to work, and this woman was on the platform and she was so upset — like, she was grieving. So many sobs! It was really sad. Anyway, I see her get on the train next to me. I couldn't hear it, but I could see it and it was just scary. And everybody — you know when, especially in a big city when people see somebody that's going through something emotional, they kind of just back away? They get frightened, like Oh, that person's crazy, or that person is weird or whatever? Everybody was kind of not seeing her.

“I got up and I went into the other car and, along with these two other people, sat with her. She told us that her mom was watching her son and he'd taken a Benadryl and had a really bad reaction — the ambulance was coming and she had to get to her son, and it was this really intense thing. She felt like she was going to lose her baby. So these random strangers, we were all gathering around her consoling her. It was beautiful — this woman was leading a prayer with her, and we were telling her that her son was going to get through it, and calming her down. So, at that moment, it was like there is some faith in humanity. Not everybody is going to turn away from you in a time of need.”

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