Candace Hynson: Stylist

Spotted on: Market Street, SF

Occupation: Stylist

What are you up to today?

A little shopping—my friend and I are actually killing a little time before happy hour. We want to drink outside because it's so warm!

Are you both locals?

Yeah, we were actually in Hayes Valley earlier—we met up with some friends for brunch, and then we walked to Westfield to do some shopping.

What's your occupation?

I'm a stylist.

How did you start out as a stylist?

I went to school for clothing design, and then over the past couple of years I decided I don't want to make clothing! [laughs] I'd rather just be there, make it look good at the end of the process. So the past year I've been doing styling for a brand based in San Francisco, and I actually just started with Old Navy this week!

When did you have the realization that that was going to be your path?

I think about 2010ish? I did an internship for a local designer, where I saw what it entailed as far as all the production and manufacturing. After that, I realized I have no interest in any of that side of it! [laughs] But if you want to own your own business you have to be invested in that. And then just being on set with styling and shoots and seeing how fast it kind of turns around, I'm much more suited to this than the long six-month process to get a collection together.

Who are your style inspirations?

All over. I'm obsessed with Solange, I still am—she's the reason for my hair grow-out. And I don't know, young Mariah? I've been seeing Mariah from the early '90s and it's kind of everything right now!

What's some good advice you've gotten recently?

I feel like Oprah! [laughs] One thing that really stuck with me recently is "No is a complete sentence." I told that to somebody the other day and they're like, I like that! I gotta write that down! Thank you Oprah! You don't need to explain yourself. No is no.

What other things are you currently obsessed with?

I actually started reading Amy Poehler's book and I got through a decent chunk of that—it's a really good read.

Friend: You've also been obsessed about your hair too. Since you've been growing it out.

Always! It's a process. It's like a labor of love. I'm definitely obsessed with reading the blogs and learning about different styling techniques and products.

So do you have it pinned up or is it actually shaved on the sides?

Ahh I wish! That's so much of a commitment! I was bald for like half a year and I'm like, never again. But yeah, I just have it pinned up. I've been growing it out for three years now.

How would you describe your personal style?

It's eclectic! I know that's so general, but I kind of mix and match. I definitely love the '70s vintage kind of styling—that's my jam.

So tell me about your outfit!

This is like budget fashion today! So this dress was like $10 at H&M, I saw the print and was like, I love this! Everything else I kind of just built around it. I'd been looking for a pair of over-the-knee boots. I wasn't planning on it being this warm, but it works. And I love this oversized cobalt clutch. I got it at Forever 21 about a year ago and it's one of my favorites! And the earrings are tying it all back in to the gems on the dress. And I pulled my hair up to show off the neckline.

You have a tattoo of a little ribbon bow on your arm. How did that come about?

Actually my friend and I were in LA together! [laughs]

How long have you guys known each other?

Almost 10 years! I wanted to get two tattoos but this one hurt so bad I was like, you know what? One is enough. I just used to always doodle this.

Friend: And you loved pink. You were very into pink.

Yeah—so I knew I was never going to get sick of a bow on me. And I haven't, it's about five years later.

You can check out Candace's work on her website and her Tumblr.

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