Tatiana: Boutique Shopper, Wine Taster

Spotted at: Nashville Live on the Green Music Festival

Occupation: Language therapist

What are you doing out here today?

Just hanging out, enjoying the beautiful day, music, good food.

Do you live in the area?

Yes! I live in Nashville.

What do you do?

I work with kids with special needs. I do language therapy for kids with Down Syndrome and autism—I love it. The work is so rewarding.

Tell me about your outfit. Do you remember where you got it?

I do. So this dress came from a random boutique in Florida—in a beach town. This purse was actually a website find, from Stitch Fix. They just sent it to me and I was like, "This rocks!" This little ring is from a random street artist in Santa Fe.

What about the earrings?

Same thing. A quirky little fair in Dallas. I love street fairs and the talents of the vendors there—their crafting skills are creative and incredible.

Do you travel a lot?

Yeah, on weekends at least. I go on a lot of small trips to see new places.

What else are you up to this weekend?

I'll probably do a little wine tasting tonight—that's always a good time.

At Arrington Vineyards?

Yes—I'll just be hanging with my friend here, who's being shy at the moment. She's in town from Atlanta visiting for the weekend, so we're hanging and enjoying our time together!

If there was one word or phrase you would use to describe your style, what would it be?

Ooh, I don't know! This is tricky. Eclectic might be a good one. [To friend] How would I describe my style? 

Friend: Slutty. She's actually described her style that way as a joke. But jokes aside, eclectic is a good word for her!

I get a Bohemian type vibe.

Yeah, sometimes. I mix up Bohemian, but sometimes I go more glamorous. I can be really into sparkles. They're great.

Do you like to dress up a lot when you go out?

Yes I love get dolled up when I'm hitting the town. That's where the sparkles come in.

So this is more of a casual look?

Mmhmm. This is my casual day look. My night-time ensembles are definitely different.

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