Xanda, Cecil's son.

It's Been Two Years Since Someone Shot Cecil The Lion; Now His Son Is Dead, Too

Two years ago, Cecil the lion was shot and killed. Now his son, Xanda has met the same fate. Here's what we know.

It’s not enough to simply declare you aren’t a racist. Anti-racism is an active force seeking to unlearn, decolonize and restructure. Image: author.

Can The 'Angry Black Guy' Have White Friends?

It’s easy for folks in America to get angry but it’s incredibly difficult to get them to stay angry. To transfer anger to hope. And to participate in transformation. Then to start all over again with the next hashtag.

Sharp Kadijah, out and proud.

Entering Hell: Coming Out As Gay In Uganda

I am Sharp Kadijah, a trans man. I come from the Eastern Region of Uganda, from a town called Mbale. It was on November 22, 2013 when I came out to my family, initially as a lesbian. It was like entering hell.


Nigeria Bans Female Genital Mutilation

In a political move that will leave a lasting impression on women’s rights and protections in Africa, former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan s


Waris Dirie: Human Rights Activist

author. model. female genital mutilation abolisher.


Glamour Magazine Names Lupita Nyong'o "Woman Of The Year," Beauty And Race Collide (Again)

The acknowledgment of Lupita’s elegance begins a process to alleviate any future need to add "for a . . . " to the end of “You’re beautiful.”

Courtesy of Wikimedia

As Attorney General Eric Holder Steps Down, Let's Remember Him With These 3 Quotes On Enduring Racism In America

While Holder might be best remembered for the Mexican drug cartel scandal, his words on racial relations in America are the better part of his legacy.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Human Rights Report Accuses Peacekeepers In Somalia Of Sexually Abusing The Women And Girls They Are Charged With Protecting

The Human Rights Watch released a report on Monday titled “The Power These Men Have Over Us," a 71-page publication chock full of unthinkably grim findings.