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It's Frida Kahlo's Birthday! Let's Celebrate With 9 Things You Might Not Know 

Whaddya know, it's Frida Kahlo's birthday! Born July 6, 1907, she'd be 110!

The author on her birthday. Image: Mamamia.

I Have Terminal Cancer, And I Hate It When You Tell Me To 'Live In The Moment.'

I put too much pressure on this celebration. I put too much pressure on making memories. I put too much pressure on making sure that this birthday was worthy of being potentially my last.


Legendary Fierce-Female Musician Debbie Harry Turns 70!

Word on the street is that a certain blond bombshell is bringing some swag on her 70th birthday.

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Happy Birthday, Malcolm X—What Can We Learn From His Legacy? 

Malcolm X left this world with compassion, as well as a desire for equality and peace between folks of all ethnicities.


Happy Birthday to Beautiful Badass, Audrey Hepburn

Quick! What do you know about iconic actress Audrey Hepburn?


3 Insane Shakespeare Plots You Probably Never Studied In High School

Today marks both the (modern) birth


Celebrate Diana Ross' Birthday With Her Best Feminist Anthem

Today marks the divine Miss Diana Ross' 71st birthday

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Happy Birthday bell hooks!

The prolific writer, poet, academic and activist has been absolutely killing it for 62 years.