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New Normal

Some mornings when I wake, it takes a few seconds before I remember what happened and how I arrived to the world I’m living in now. Once I do remember, I stare at the ceiling and reist getting out of bed. Read...
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How To Manage Anxiety In Trump’s America

At times it feels as if the whole foundation of our country is crumbling into dust. Here are tips for managing anxiety in Trump's America.

Help! My family loves Trump.

How To Love Your Family That Loves Trump 

Family is family and long after this president is out of office. Here is how I intend to keep my relationship even though my family loves Trump.

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Why Trump Speaking At The Value Voters Summit Matters

Donald Trump aligns himself with bad people. He willfully insults good and honorable people. Speaking at the Value Voters Summit is a prime example.

Here’s what I suggest we all do: find a house of worship that is prepared to act as a physical sanctuary and reach out to them.

Want To Help Dreamers Hurt By Trump's DACA Repeal? Find A House Of Worship

There’s a long history of law enforcement honoring the sanctity of a house of worship and refusing to conduct raids on them, no matter who is inside. This gives asylum seekers time to find a way to establish legal status.

Each of us needs to find a pair of wings and be ready to put them on when these hate-mongers show up in our towns. We can stand and block their message from spreading.

Charlottesville Horror Is A Reminder: America's Racist Past Never Left

We already know that white supremacists made their appearance by torchlight, guns in plain sight, so we would all see, unmistakably, that racist filth is here and they are not afraid to show their faces. They have showed us how far they are willing to go. But stay strong and vigilant. We must be the better angels of America.

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Trump, Paul Manafort & The Guy Who Tried To Grab Taylor Swift Are Having A Bad Week

Probably the person having the worst week in the U.S. is the guy who tried to grab a handful of Taylor Swift.


I’d Rather ________ Be President, Than Donald Trump (A Fill In The Blank Adventure) 

At this point, I’d take pretty much anyone or THING over Cuckoo Creamsicle.