I'm Into Vanilla Sex — Why Does That Make Me Weird?

Honestly, I’d say about 90% of the sex I have in my long-term monogamous relationship is “vanilla.” We are, believe it or not, a normal couple who does normal sex things just like anyone else. We are two people who know what the other likes and we do those things.


BDSM: Top Or Bottom? A Feminist Can Be Either

Trying to be dominant feels like acting for me. This isn’t to say there is no acting during scenes when I’m bottoming, but there’s a reason why I preferred working backstage when I did theatre in college—I don’t like pretending to be something I’m really not. It isn’t comfortable. It doesn’t feel natural.


Here Are Some Manatees Getting It On. You're Welcome.

The manatees were engaged in a little mutual oral pleasure — or, as the kids call it, 69. Way to go, manatees!

I love you. Image: Llywelyn Nys/Unsplash.

On Activism: An Open Letter To My Peoples

And when you're multiply marginalized and know how much work there is to be done in the struggle for liberation, how few people are doing it, and that our lives literally depend on it, it can feel like you’re letting your people down.

Just because a woman enjoys being spanked or having her hair pulled mid-coitus doesn't mean she is giving up equality — it's simply a game she wants to play. Image: WeHeartIt.

I'm A Feminist Who Loves BDSM And I Give Zero F*cks What You Think

As with any book that explores a realm diverging from the mundane, there has been a lot of talk about not only the writing (apparently it sucks), but also the topic. While some are appalled by it, others, like myself, are just giving my fellow friends who enjoy some spanking action high fives. It's about time that a woman wanting to play the submissive role in the bedroom is portrayed in a light that makes it seem like a normal sex act, not something that goes on in a creepy S&M dungeon.

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Color Me Kinky: Giddy Up For Cowboy Fetish

Queer cowboys getting it on successfully champions the notion of being man enough to take a man.

Credit: Thinkstock

Kinky And Sober: BDSM In Recovery

Can you be clean and sober and still engage kinkily?

Tenth Annual Military Fetish Ball at Sin City Fetish Night: Facebook

Color Me Kinky: Military Uniform Fetish

In this mash-up of science and erotic fiction, we explore—and salute—the delectable servitude that is military uniform fetish.