Here Are Some Manatees Getting It On. You're Welcome.

"Birds do it, bees do it, even kinky manatees do it…"

OK, maybe Cole Porter never wrote about manatees when he came up with the clever lyrics of "Let’s Fall In Love." But I think we all agree he should have. Who doesn’t love a manatee? They’re so big, and placid, and dopey looking. They epitomize the phrase “so ugly they're cute.”

Well, lucky National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen is the guy who gets to see manatees up close and personal as part of his job. Sometimes, well, things get REAL personal.

Cosmo points out a post on Nicklen’s Instagram that shows a couple of manatees falling in love — or maybe just hooking up. Whatever the case, the manatees were engaged in a little mutual oral pleasure — or, as the kids call it, 69. Way to go, manatees!

Not only were the manatees not embarrassed to be caught in the throes of passion, a friend of theirs was kind of hoping Nicklen would join in! He recounts the amazing (and kinky) encounter in the photo caption, writing, "While I was photographing these amorous activities, a manatee grabbed me from behind, pulled me underwater, and would not let go. I was half gutting myself with laughter and half wondering when I might be set free to get a much needed breath of air. Never a full moment when in the company of these charismatic, intelligent, and highly social animals.”

Image Credit: Paul Nicklen

It all ended well, and Nicklen resurfaced to continue giving us more amazing wildlife photos to enjoy. Follow him on Instagram!

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