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"You’re a worthy challenge and you know that. You set the stakes high, bolt the gate, and wait for the person who is up to the task."

Why Being Guarded In A Relationship Is Actually A Good Thing

There is no shame in being guarded. There is nothing wrong with it. You do not have to work tirelessly in therapy to break down your natural inclination towards self-preservation in order to find a romantic partner.

I feel like I'm setting myself up for heartbreak — but at the same time, things could change?

Ask Erin: Help! I'm In Love With A Person I Likely Have No Future With

I recently became involved with a man who is significantly younger than I am. I feel foolish, but at the same time, I know love comes in many different forms. I shouldn't second-guess it; I should just enjoy the ride.

I know that every relationship ending can leave some loose ends, but this feels surreal — like what we had never existed.

Ask Erin: How Can I Get Closure After A Sudden Breakup?

I just had a long-distance relationship abruptly end. I have had relationships end abruptly before and sometimes painfully, but this recent one was different.


Ask Erin: Am I In A Toxic Relationship?

This is not a complicated situation, but a person like your boyfriend wants it to feel complicated so that you feel confused enough to stay.

It has nothing to do with this.

Why Men Cheat (And What You Can Do About It)

What if I said that the reason your man cheated had absolutely nothing to do with you?


3 Things That Will Transform Your Intimate Relationship In 2016

Unlike the exercise and dieting regimes you have to stick to for quite some time before seeing any effects, here are just three things you can do that will have an immediate positive impact on the quality and depth of your relationship.


A Simple Way To Stop Screwing Up Your Relationships

Chances are you are doing something that you’re not necessarily aware of that is screwing up your relationships. It’s causing you a lot of pain and discourse with your significant other. This “thing” is the source of nearly every argument, it’s the germination of all resentments, and it ultimately leaves you disconnected with the one you love. The one thing you and I do to screw up our relationships is…we have expectations.


Ask Erin!: What Do I Do About My Boyfriend Ignoring Me?

My boyfriend is ignoring me. I am 32 and he is 34. We have been together for six months. We are both pretty busy with work etc, but I always make him a priority. I always feel like I am giving more than he does and it’s come to a crisis point.