Mad Men

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Vintage Casual: A How To

"Your quest to stay true to your retro aesthetic is not impossible. Here are a few tips for incorporating your love of vintage into a modern, casual wardrobe."


Stop The Presses: Prince Harry Doesn't Like Selfies (But Here's Some Celebs Who Do. And Do It Right.)

 Well, it looks like Kim Kardashian and Prince Harry will never date.

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Dear Joan: An Apology From A Feminist Mad Men Fan

You are smart, Joan, and you have talents—you just haven’t been allowed to find out what they are.


Peggy Olson, a.k.a Elisabeth Moss, Deserves Better Than Gap's New Fashion Campaign 

Moss is far from boring. So why is her new ad campaign so dull?


Elisabeth Donnelly: Flavorwire Editor, Journalist, Author

storyteller extraordinaire. pop culture junkie. writing residency dreamer.


Weeklong Millennial Event Defies Generation's Haters

A week of Instagram-able moments centers around the booming network of the millennial population.


Behold! Mad Men Actors Before Their Chic Retro Days

Both awkward and captivating, this video shows the actors before achieving their bonafides. And boy, it ain't pretty.


"Swirling" vs. Same Race Relationships — Will We Ever Reach a Post-Race America?

Even in today's progressive era, why do so many people prefer same race relationships...and should it even matter?