Please stop approaching women at gas stations!

Dear Men: Please Stop Approaching Women At Gas Stations

Whether they realize it or not, men’s entitlement by approaching women to comment on their bodies in public spaces is a perpetuation of rape culture.

Menstruation and Misogyny: Period shaming strikes to the core of our worth.

Menstruation And Misogyny: Why Talking Openly About Our Periods Matters

Menstruation and Misogyny: I will continue to march to the bathroom, tampon in plain view, as if a conductor leading with her baton. Our periods matter!

Image of Donald Trump by Mariah Sharp @MightyMooseArt

Why Trump Speaking At The Value Voters Summit Matters

Donald Trump aligns himself with bad people. He willfully insults good and honorable people. Speaking at the Value Voters Summit is a prime example.

The plan was to write full-time. With all the kids in school, this is the first opportunity I will have to come close to achieving that goal. Image: Thinkstock.

All The Kids Are In School: What I Plan "To Do" With Myself

I’m not saying having children doesn’t change things. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t reevaluate our life choices as we build our families. What I AM saying is that we must stop hinting to cisgender women that once they’ve had kids, their lives are laid out for them.

[W]hen Donald Trump talks about women to other men, he only considers the feelings of the men he’s talking to, not the feelings of the women he’s talking about. Image: Michael Vadon/Wikipedia.

How Trump Sold Us His Brand of Misogyny

So, Mr. Trump, if you truly believe you’ll be “phenomenal to the women,” then when do you plan to start?

My pain is vaild.

My Pain Didn't Matter — Because I'm A Woman

There were pills for the pain, but there was nothing that could help me forget that my boyfriend didn’t truly care about me. I couldn’t swallow a drug and turn my partner into someone who not only wanted to take my pain away, but believed that I was in pain at all. There wasn’t a prescription a doctor could write that would make my despair believable. There wasn’t a cure for my boyfriend’s apathy.

If there's a penis envy, there's got to be a period envy.

Period Envy: What My Father Taught Me About Misogyny

A couple of days into my period my family and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner. Halfway through my father said he could, “smell my maxi pads in the garbage in the bathroom.” I was horrified and instantly started to cry.

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Why We Need A "No Boys Allowed" Social Network  

Women.com is for ladies only. Have we really reached a point where this kind of gender exclusion is necessary?