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Parents Over-Share Online Because They’re Lonely

We’re always hardest on people who give into our own worst impulses, and I see my own shadow in those parents. I’m an over-sharer too.

I'm getting really annoyed, but I don't know if I'm overreacting, just being a jealous child.

Ask Erin: Am I Overreacting?

I'm getting really annoyed, but I don't know if I'm overreacting, just being a jealous child.

Admit it — you’ve done most of these things that make people hate you.

7 Things You’re Doing That Make People Hate You

If you constantly find that you’re rubbing people the wrong way, take a look at this list and consider if you’re doing any of the following seven things.

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Your Facebook Photos Are Grossing Me Out

My Facebook feed was flooded with pictures of sh*t this morning. Literally. Am I the only one who doesn’t want to see poop or pus on my social media?

Social media notoriously gives its users the opportunity to present their lives as perfect and conflict-free. Image: Thinkstock.

My Friend's Instagram Post About Her Miscarriage Changed How I See Social Media

I scrolled through my Instagram feed to catch a photo of a friend’s first tattoo. It was an abstract design that paid homage to her wedding venue, a distinctive historic site in her home state. The tattoo seemed sweet at first, but then I read the photo caption. My friend had gotten inked to honor the child she lost in miscarriage.

A day or two following what my friends now call “The Bacon Incident,” I broke it off. Image: Thinkstock.

The Pettiest Breakup Of My Life

“She just grabbed the bacon off my plate! She didn’t ask, she didn’t even say anything, she just assumed it was OK and took it!”
“It’s just bacon —”
“It’s NOT about the Bacon, Donald. It’s about the principle.”

No, obnoxiously happy couple, we don't care about your European vacation (Credit: ThinkStock)

Do You Suffer From TMItis, The Social Media Oversharing Disease?

Time to diagnose if you have "relationship-contingent self-esteem."