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Why I Will Never Tell My Son To “Man Up”

When our boy was a toddler his emotional outbursts only received quick glances. Now that my five-year-old has officially entered boyhood, his crying looks awkward on him; he gets full-on stares.

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When Will The World Love Sweet, Sensitive Boys Like My Son?

We want our girls stronger, bolder, and louder. I’ve seen less evidence that we’re willing to let our boys be quieter, softer, and more appreciative of beauty.

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How Do I Raise Boys That Aren't Like Brett Kavanaugh?

This is a hard time to be alive which means it's a hard time to be a parent. So, how do we raise boys that treat women with respect?

How could I protect him? How could I raise him to be a good son? What if I couldn’t?

What If I Fail At Raising A Good Son? 

I was afraid of the world getting its hands on my kid. How could I protect him? How could I raise him to be a good son? What if I couldn’t?

Dear Oldest Son: I’m sorry...

Dear Oldest Son: I’m Sorry My Attention Is Divided Right Now

Dear Oldest Son, Life these days is all about dividing and conquering. I feel more and more like I’m dividing and conquering so many things.

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How To Talk To Boys About Talking About Girls

I just listened to my four and six year-old children (one boy, one girl) have a lengthy bathtime conversation about babies, growing up, m


Surprising Reasons Why My Son Wears Fingernail Polish

When my three-year-old son and I were visiting his grandpa once, a non-surprising exclamation pierced the air, “What’s on his toenails?”


8 Things You Must Never Do When Raising Boys

Even the most well-intentioned parents sometimes make mistakes in how they raise their kids.