There are a plethora of baby app options out there, and not all are created equal.

Rav’s Repro: The Wild World Of Pregnancy And Fertility Apps

What I’ve found there is sometimes amusing, sometimes helpful, sometimes exactly the support I’ve needed, and sometimes downright paranoia inducing.

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Rav's Repro: Please Stop Saying These Things To Pregnant People 

I get it. People think they're helpful, sharing their experience. I give advice weekly; who am I to talk? But the thing is, why is so much of the advice given to pregnant people so negative?

I woke up quickly when everything was over, and although I was told I should expect that I would feel weird, I felt pretty good.

Navigating IVF: Retrieval Day 

On the day before Valentine’s Day, I had egg retrieval. Nothing says romance like sticking a literal needle through the walls of your vagina, amirite?

Acceptance has been the greatest lesson of all.

Rav's Repro: On The Loss Of A Child And The Struggle To Make One

Rav’s Repro is a column in which Erin explores all topics related to reproduction and reproductive rights.

Where else other than family events could you toss a bunch of acquaintances together and expect them to have a good time? Image: Thinkstock.

10 Tips For Surviving Family Events This Summer

Don’t talk politics. Do. Not. This old adage is more important than ever this year, with an election that started off bad and has gotten consistently worse.


FYI: The Male Honey Bee's Ejaculation Is So Strong, Humans Can Hear It

In the spirit of celebrating the peculiar pantheon of sexual experiences that glut our good Earth, let us turn to the drone.