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After Incarceration — How Separated Families Reunite

The trauma from parental incarceration, especially when that parent is the primary caregiver, can have a profound impact on families. Read...
If you go, you and I have a chance to be we again.

I Love You So Much; I Want You To Go 

If you go, I’ll have to pick up all the dog poop. I will have to take out the trash. I will have to sleep alone.

Separation anxiety.

Ask Erin: Help! My Wife And I Are Separated; What’s The Appropriate Protocol? 

She’s made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to…Ask Erin is a weekly advice column, in which Erin answers your burning questions about anything at all.

I lost count of the number of times Mom and Joe tried to file for divorce. Image: Thinkstock.

My Parents Never Got Divorced — But I Wish They Had

Although divorce would’ve been the right thing for Mom and Joe, they still used it as a weapon against each other. I was often caught up in the crossfire. Sometimes, I worry that Ryan is going to come home from work, drop his bag at the door, and drop an “I want a divorce” bomb on me.

No parent wants to see their kids suffer as a result, and we tend to stay because we “owe” it to them to play “happy family.”

Together Apart: 4 Reasons People Who Want To Get Divorced Don't

It's so easy to sit and pass judgment on why friends or family stay “trapped” in unhappy relationships. We often wonder why she hasn’t left him/her, why can't she see that she could do much better, why can't she value her self-worth, etc.

But while it may seem like the logical thing to do, for many, it’s not so simple in reality. Many complex factors come to play, and people “stick it out” for all kinds of reasons, often at a personal price.

Sometimes the best thing is NOT having something.

My Divorce Ensured I Would Never Marry Again

I walked away from two long-term relationships (and two picked-out-but-not-purchased engagement rings) because of my resolve that I would only marry once. Then I met my future husband John* in the course of my internship at his publishing company...


A Letter From The Trenches Of My Impending Divorce

I am 27 years old, 10 months into my marriage, and have been separated from my husband for two weeks. Consider this a letter from the trenches of impending divorce.

Children of divorce

How To Do Divorce Without Wrecking Your Children

"Divorce is never easy. Ever. But it doesn’t automatically mean ill-adjusted kids. Children are adaptable and seeing a well navigated divorce can actually impress on them that the hardest things in life can be handled with grace and maturity."