What can you do for your kids after tragedy? We have some helpful tips!

7 Things You Can Do For Your Kids After Tragedy

Following a tragedy we are left devastated and desperate for answers. And what about our kids? Here are 7 things you can do for your kids after tragedy.

They were probably all thinking that winning the game would be good, but just playing outdoors with friends and colleagues on a summer morning was pretty damn fun in and of itself. And then someone opened fire. (Image Credit: Flickr/repmobrooks)

Gun Violence Puts Congressional Baseball Game In Jeopardy

The Congressional baseball game has been happening for over 100 years. It is a highlight of summer among Beltway folks. And during this morning's practice, some fuckwit opened fire. And he shot people who could have been my husband, or any of his bosses, or any of his coworkers, or any of our myriad friends on the Hill. And I am shattered.

Aaron. Image: author.

The Police Shot And Killed My Friend Aaron

The only people who paid the price for Aaron's death were his family and friends. This must stop. Police should never be above the law they have sworn to uphold. There can be no more hiding, conspiring, obstructing, or delaying swift justice for officers who do not act according to their training...


Senator Murphy Holds Groundbreaking Gun Violence Filibuster

Of all the weird powers granted to various branches of the government, the right of U.S. senators to conduct filibusters — to keep talking as long as they want — is one of the weirdest.


Murder-Suicide At UCLA — And I'm Relieved

Two men are dead after a shooting on the UCLA camp

Planned Parenthood, protecting reproductive rights.

Reflections On The Planned Parenthood Shooting: It Could Have Been Me

Women come to Planned Parenthood for a variety of reasons: an affordable check up from a licensed gynecologist, STD testing, pregnancy testing, LGBT services, and to have an abortion. The women present at that clinic in Colorado on Friday had different reasons for being there. What did they have in common? They were all subjected to a dangerous man.

Credit: Chronicle Books

Art Cannot Be Stopped: "Je Suis Charlie" French Illustration To Be Published By Charlie Hebdo 

Acclaimed children's book illustrator Benjamin Chaud has crafted this indelible image that will be published next week by the satirical newspaper.


Oregon School Shooting Begs the Question: How Does This Violence Affect Students?

Fear of this magnitude—i.e. possible violent death—shouldn't have a place at school.