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How Colleges Use Kids' Social Media Feeds

Learn how what you post on social media can hurt — and help — the admissions process.

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How Girls Are Seeking (And Subverting) Approval Online

From selfies to shout-outs, girls are using social media both to build up and break down their self-image.

Social media is a great place to share our accomplishments, but it’s an equally valuable place to share our struggles.

When You Suffer On Social Media

The benefit of posting honestly about our struggles and depression on social media.

Whatever the occasion, there are plenty of reasons to unfriend, unfollow and unsubscribe to someone’s digital life.

An Etiquette Guide To Unfriending Someone On Social Media

It’s a minefield, friends, but we’ll walk you through it.


Head Spinning From Countless News Outlets? This Feminist Public Policy Expert Has Answers.

The news cycle feels like a roller coaster ride these days. We’re all sitting in this little car, plunging up and down without any control over anything. But at least we have Dan Rather along for the ride.

I am a social creature, and crave the sense of connection I find online. Image: Benjamin Child/Unsplash.

How I Manage My Social Media Anxiety

I used to be the kind of person whose every thought was fodder for Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. No matter how mundane, morbid, ridiculous, or inconsequential, I shared it. You might even say that sharing it was part and parcel of experiencing it.

No, obnoxiously happy couple, we don't care about your European vacation (Credit: ThinkStock)

Do You Suffer From TMItis, The Social Media Oversharing Disease?

Time to diagnose if you have "relationship-contingent self-esteem."