Witchcraft 101: A Wonderfully Witchy #RavChat Round-Up

We took to Twitter with a “Witchcraft 101” chat to introduce our readers to some awesome real-life witches and talk about ways to make everyday life a little more magical.

Joel Osteen's "house"

Joel Osteen Receives A Twitter-Lashing After Shutting The Doors Of His Church To Flood Victims

Hurricane Harvey will undoubtedly be remembered as the costliest natural disaster in American history.

How you feed your baby isn't nearly as important as making sure your baby gets fed.

These Tweets Show That "Fed Is Best" When It Comes To Infant Feeding

ICYMI: Ravishly recently hosted a Twitter chat all about infant feeding.

Stay informed, but also laugh a lot. (Image Credit: Angela George via Wikimedia Commons)

Top 11 Twitter Accounts To Follow To Up Your Politics Game

A few weeks ago, I thought we might actually celebrate the end of the 2016 election.

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FINALLY: Twitter Plans To Crack Down On Harassment

Twitter announced this week that it will


How To Make Your Tweets Actually Funny

Everyone wants to have the funny tweets because people equate them with wealth, power, and beauty. The problem is, we’re not all funny.


J.K Rowling Mercilessly Slams Anti-Serena Williams Trolls, We Applaud!

Don't mess with Serena Williams or J.K. Rowling.

Credit: Twitter

Dear Corporate Brands: Please Stop Co-opting 9/11 For Profit

Some companies are even offering 9/11 discounts. Maybe #JustStop.