Colleen Ballinger Sings To Her Trolls And The Money They've Made For Her

YouTube star Colleen Evans (AKA Colleen Ballinger, as well as Miranda Sings) handles comment section criticism like a pro. With over 2.5 million subscribers, Evans just had to write a song about her trolls to show her strength. The tune, which calls out the trolls' poor grammar and bullying, reveals a positive side of the negativity (at least for Evans). 

"Reading mean comments, it’s fun to do," Evans sings. "Feeling worse about myself all because of you. But the joke’s on you, so keeping saying 'I want u killed' cause your comments make me money and you’re paying my bills.” 

Yeah, girl! Turn that bitterness into cold, hard cash! 

Evans shares screenshots of comments while she jams away. A few oh-so-priceless sentiments read: "First of all u are haribile," “Are you insain," and “I hatte you, you are so dumm Whore.”  (Clever.) 

Though Evans is quick to note that she does receive many nice comments as well — the lady does have 2.5 million followers, after all — mean words have a way of lingering. 

"Instead of letting them affect me in a negative way, I choose to sing about them and poke fun at them right back," Evans says at the end. "Because let’s be honest, anyone who has grammar that terrible is very uneducated and is probably living in their parents’ garage or basement at the age of 42.”

Be gone, trolls!

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