First World Hippie Problem: Washington Has Too Much Pot

Of all the world's woes, few are as tragic as this one. Brace yourselves, friends.

Washington is experiencing a surplus of marijuana.

The Evergreen State, as you know, recently legalized the commercial use of ganja. Subsequently, Tricky Lady Fate blessed the state with a summer ideal for pot growing. Now, the state has enough weed to satiate all of Amsterdam, the entire crowd at a Phish concert, and both Cheech and Chong.

But the marijuana jokes must, alas, stop there. For this actually is a problem. Unless your dealer sucks, illegally distributed pot isn't taxed. The legal stuff? Yeah, it is. With the surplus and added tax, Washington has priced itself out of the market.

On the bright side, maybe Bethenny Frankel and her Skinnygirl dank can set things skinny straight. 

Image: Thinkstock


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