Mindy Kaling Calls Out The TV Industry, And Wins At Life

Image courtesy of Wikimedia 

If you were devastated that FOX canceled The Mindy Project (though it will be resurrected on Hulu), never fear! Mastermind Mindy Kaling will tear the TV industry with her insider’s wrath. 

“Each fall, the trade papers publish loglines of the upcoming TV pilots. As a seasoned pro, I can see certain tropes getting recycled,” Kaling wrote in an piece for the New Yorker. “Not just familiar characters (‘boozy mother-in-law,’ ‘hyper-articulate child of dumb-dumbs,’ ‘incomprehensible foreigner’) but also basic premises. Here are some of the kinds of shows the networks seem to be clamoring for lately.”

Mindy then ran through oh-so-predictable list of plot premises. Among the likes of "Abandoned-Spinster Club" and "Hot Serial Killer Who Is Kind Of Literary," Mindy sees her own show among the ranks. 

“A sexually unapologetic fashionista tries to find love in the big city. Wait, that sounds like the premise of The Mindy Project,” Kaling explained. “Not many people know this, but The Mindy Project is actually based on a famous Venezuelan show called Puta Gordita, or The Chubby Slut.”

Go Mindy! Let's be real: TV, as we've known it, is on its way out. Streaming services, like Hulu, are gaining popularity. Mindy is on a better path, and she knows it. 

You can’t keep a girl down, especially not someone with the sass and intelligence of Mindy Kaling. 

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