Nicki Minaj Demands Orgasms...And Thinks You Should, Too

Minaj in 2013. (Source: Wikipedia)

What I like about rapper Nicki Minaj is that she's fearless, especially when it comes to both her fashion AND her opinions. While Minaj will be sporting a gold and silver bathing suit in Cosmopolitan’s July 2015 issue, she also talks about topics that matter to women: sex and gender equality in wages.

"I demand that I climax. I think women should demand that,” said Minaj in Cosmo’s July 2015 issue. “I have a friend who's never had an orgasm in her life. In her life! That hurts my heart. It's cuckoo to me. We always have orgasm interventions where we, like, show her how to do stuff. We'll straddle each other, saying, 'You gotta get on him like that and do it like this. She says she's a pleaser. I'm a pleaser, but it's fifty-fifty.”

Minaj often advocates for women to be vocal, independent, and ask questions. "Women are uncomfortable talking about money," Minaj continued in the interview. "I know it's taboo to discuss it at work. Technically, you shouldn't, but you need to know what people around you are making. Otherwise, you're not going to know what you're worth. You have to ask questions. 'What is this person getting?' Do your research. I've always been pretty competitive in terms of my pay.”

These topics may make your coworkers and peers uncomfortable, but Minaj has a point. An open mind is a healthy mind.

The issue will be out in early June.

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